Parking Lot Maintenance Indianapolis

Parking Lot Maintenance Indianapolis - Sealcoat IndyBelieve it or not, keeping your parking lot in good condition is easy and cost effective. By putting a routine maintenance plan in place early you can extended the life of your pavement 10 to 15 years, preserving your investment for pennies per square foot.

Sealcoat Indy asphalt maintenance plans can begin as early as 90 days after the pavements initial construction by sealing it with a quality asphalt pavement sealer. When properly applied, a quality sealer prevents damaging water penetration and surface oxidation from UV rays. It will also protect it from oil and chemicals that drip from leaky vehicles.

If your asphalt pavement is cracking, has pot holes or shows other signs of distress, performing timely pavement maintenance can be critical to avoiding a complete reconstruction of your parking lot and costing you many thousands of dollars.

Sealcoat Indy can point out these signs of distress and suggest a long term pavement maintenance plan that will maximize the life of your pavement.

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