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Pot Hole Repair Indianapolis - Sealcoat Indy

After many years of neglect, asphalt pavement deteriorates and forms potholes. These potholes are typically the result of exposure to the natural elements, such as excessive water and natural deterioration of the surface due to freezing and thawing and other extreme conditions. Additionally, consistent heavy traffic contributes to the decay.

With proper pavement maintenance the property owner can avoid them altogether. For business owners, potholes can be a major liability when accidents happen on the property. For this and other reasons, it is necessary that such pavement defects be taken care of as soon as they show up.

Our professional team of technicians can help you determine when is the best time to consider Indianapolis pothole repair.

In some cases, the problem may not be able to be rectified in colder weather. One of our staff members will help determine if repair is possible and when is the best time to seek this service. We also offer temporary repairs to keep your lot safe until permanent repairs can be performed.

When extensive repair is required it is important to find and address the cause of the problem. There are some cases when the entire pavement, including the base layers will have to be removed and reinstalled. In most cases, it is preferred to do this type of permanent repair between spring and fall months, due to the requirements of the hot mix asphalt.

Eliminate Dangerous Potholes with Sealcoat Indy

We can help you keep your property safe and beautiful. Sealcoat Indy can perform full depth or surface asphalt patches to eliminate all your pothole problems. No matter what size we have the tools and the manpower to get the job done.

It is important to have a pothole repaired by a professional company when it first appears. When left unattended, a substantial pothole can cause significant damage to vehicles that are traveling in the area. Calling for repairs when you first notice a pothole will help you prevent it from worsening, which will also make the repairs more affordable.

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